MCH-100-A: Batter Powered Heat Gun Kit
NSN: 4940-01-475-2026

42 VDC Battery Powered Heat Gun (111.038.1).
Two(2) interchangeable nozzles for shrinking and soldering.

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Temperature Capabilities
500F to 950F (depending on nozzle, heating element). Temperature ramp-up from ambient conditions is 60-90 seconds with a continuous run time of 30-35 minutes depending on ambient environmental conditions.

Power Supply
The Heat Gun is powered by the MCH-102NW Power Supply that utilizes two standard Department of Defense BB-390B/U Nickel Metal Hydride smart batteries capable for redeployment within 2 hours of simultaneous charging on the kit included multi-voltage input BTC-70819 SPC Lite Fast Charging System.

Standards & Testing
Tested to perform in Harsh Environments, the MCH-100-A exceeds Military Standard Requirements for use in explosive atmospheres, zero electromagnetic interference environments, and in robust handling battle deployment situations, the MCH-100-A is the only tool in its class approved for use on fueled aircraft by NAVAIR; eliminating the need for an auxiliary power unit, power cable spreads and open flames on flight decks during avionics repairs.

  • MIL-STD-461E EMI Control, RE101
  • MIL-STD-810F Environmental Tests 
  • 511.4 Explosive Atmosphere
  • 506.4 Rain Intrusion
  • 509.4 Salt Fog
  • 516.5 Shock

In 1999, Malcom developed a portable heat gun for the US Navy Aviation Ground Support Equipment Tea at NAVAIR to shrink and solder avionics on fueled aircraft in the harsh battle conditions of deployed Aircraft Carrier Flight Decks. Current tools required a powerline spread, an auxiliary power unit, or open flame, which led to extended grounded aircraft times and often infringed on safety standards. The next generation heat gun would need to be a portable, handheld, robust, powerful, and adaptable tool capable of operating in wind, rain, salt-fog, desert, arctic, explosive atmosphere, and electromagnetically sensitive environments.

Malcom responded in less than 2 months with a functional Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Proof of Concept design that successfully soldered and recovered avionic shrink sleeves. The design utilized a COTS 42 VDC Heat Gun, manufactured by the Swiss based worldwide leader in heat tools Leister, and a COTS NiMH Battery System, manufactured by the US based Army SINGARS supplier of NiMH batteries Bren-tronics. Latter design iterations included an EMI shielded thermoset fiberglass battery case, manufactured by the US Based Skydyne Company

Within eight months of Proving the Concept and multiple optimization iterations, Malcom delivered fully qualified First Article MCH-100-A Battery Powered Heat Guns to the NAVAIR team. Three months following the initial contract award and eighteen months following the initial design consultation, Malcom delivered 250 tools to the Navy for deployment. NSN: 4940-01-475-2026


Shrink Tubing, Soldering

Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics


Leister, Bren-Tronics, Fieldtex, J & J technologies, Skydyne


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